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Amazing.I love DrupalRating: 5Its awesome to wok on Drupal other than any php frame works.The availability of modules and features give us flexibility.I love it.

Great until you need to make it look niceRating: 2Solid core, not a lot of features but due to a large user base, lots of modules are available. Can be easy to break, and hard to design for (v7). It is a CMS, not a blogging platform.

Rating: 5

I use it everyday and it's amazingRating: 5Steep learning curve but once you've got it, it sticks and if you need to you could produce some amazing sites without touching a single php line. Bring on drupal 8

Rating: 5

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Software Features: 11

Programming Language
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Free
  • Open Source
  • Friendly URLs
  • Inline
  • Content Approval
  • Versioning
  • Sub Sites
  • Multiple Languages
  • Statistics

Feature Ranking

Free25   out of   33
PHP39   out of   57
MySQL39   out of   54
Open Source52   out of   67
Statistics53   out of   59
Versioning67   out of   74
Inline70   out of   81
Content Approval70   out of   88
Sub Sites73   out of   86
Multiple Languages75   out of   85
Friendly URLs83   out of   97

Feature rankings are determined by the total number of features each CMS offers.

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